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Janisol Arte 2.0 to RC2

From now on, Janisol Arte 2.0 single and double side-hung windows, both inward- and outward-opening versions, as well as bottom-hung windows, now offer comprehensive burglar protection up to RC2.

The ultra-slim profile system was tested by gbd Dornbirn according to DIN EN 1627 and passed with flying colours. The Janisol Arte 2.0 RC2 represents a consistent enhancement to the steel profile series for narrow windows. The second generation of Janisol Arte boasts stainless steel profiles as well as weatherresistant Corten steel. The integrated sealing groove makes processing quicker and easier. The wide variety of different types of opening makes the range ideal for renovating period windows, but also for modern residential construction. Thanks to the slim profiles, measuring just 25 to 40 millimetres in width for fixed glazing, along with a construction depth of just 60 millimetres, it is possible to implement designs that are delicate and yet robust, with a high proportion of glass and excellent thermal insulation.

Jansen and BIM

Building information modelling (BIM) facilitates the continuous planning and shared use of digital building models over the entire life cycle of a building – from planning through to implementation and operation, all the way to demolition. BIM offers a whole host of benefits. It enables a more efficient interaction between different disciplines, reduces the risk of planning errors and – by automatically calculating the quantity of components for any given project – it offers more security when estimating costs for tenders. For the rest of the building life cycle, the planning models can be transferred directly to facility management, making it much easier to carry out any maintenance or renovations in the future. As a supplier of steel systems, Jansen offers an extensive range of BIM models for windows, doors and façades in order to supports architects and planners from the very first phase of conception, planning and specification. In 2019, Jansen won the Architect’s Darling Gold Award for being the best provider of BIM models.

Virtual event programme 2021

In 2021, Jansen and its distribution partners will be entering into discussions with architects and metalworkers across Europe.

This will take place in the form of virtual and exclusive physical events. Product innovations in the field of building security will be presented, with talks, panel discussions and workshops held to highlight the current issues affecting the construction industry.

The main focus will be on key issues shaping society such as safety, digitalisation and sustainability. Should COVID-19 prevent attendees from experiencing products first hand, Jansen will be offering a virtual showroom as a digital alternative from 2021.

You can view current events, possible tour stops and more detailed information, and register at:

Recommended reading

“Sicherheit und Risiko” (Safety and risk) brings together some of the most important voices in the social, cultural and human sciences, to examine our approach to danger in the 21st century. This book, from the series on social theory from German publisher ‘transcript’ offers an introduction into the subject of safety and provides answers to questions about our changing relationship with danger, threat, uncertainty and risk. “Although safety and risk may – at first glance – seem like opposite concepts, they actually originate from exactly the same place: the desire to limit or avoid danger and to defend ourselves against threat, [...].” The book contains a series of different essays, examining both theoretical perspectives and real- life threat scenarios.

Herfried Münkler, Matthias Bohlender, Sabine Meurer (Hg.): Sicherheit und Risiko. Über den Umgang mit Gefahr im 21. Jahrhundert.
Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2010,
ISBN 978-3-8376-1229-5.

EI30 VISS Fire:
Successful certification of fire resistance

Jansen has subjected its fire-resistant façade VISS Fire to an extended testing program. The thermally separated post and mullion construction is now available with a tried-and-tested face width of 60 millimetres, in addition to the 50 millimetre profile previously available. With its welded flat steel construction, the VISS façade system is able to implement glass loads of up to 1800 kilos. VISS façades can accommodate glass of up to 2700 millimetres in width and 4600 millimetres high – a surface area of more than 12 square metres. That means that, in terms of the choice and size of glass, the construction possibilities with VISS EI30 are almost endless. The test report also states that Janisol 2 doors can be installed in VISS façades – yet more proof of Jansen’s expertise in the field of fire safety. The Swiss provider of steel systems offers tested complete solutions for all aspects of façade design, including doors and entrance areas.

While the wide variety of tested glass variants, sizes and corner connections mean that the EI30 façade offers even more design options for architects, it has the added benefit of fewer components to deal with during processing. For example, there is no fire protection laminate in the fastening profile area (as it is only required in the glass rebate) and the range of support anchors has also been condensed (they can be used for several glass sizes). The optimised processing of VISS EI30 saves time and money, giving construction companies an even greater competitive advantage. Jansen also offers processors a comprehensive training programme, which also includes licensing for processing fire protection systems.